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, paul ryan produced this picture of him watching the debate. let's hear next from angela and los angeles. >> somebody asked why obama did not attack mitt romney -- i do not believe it is about that. i believe it was about connecting with people. >> next up is harriet. >> i really enjoyed the debate. i think mitt romney did a good job. i love that he is going to put government back into the governor's hands and work with everybody to get good health care for those with pre-existing conditions and for people who cannot afford it. thank you for taking my call. >> on facebook -- next up from kentucky, independent, you are on the austin. >> i agree that the debate was not anything very special. romney was being a little ridiculous constantly interrupting obama. over all, not very much of a great debate. we will see how it goes. >> next up is delores' from rhode island, she is a democrat there. >> i thought that obama did better. detailing exactly the tax cuts that need to be in place again to create the jobs. i just remember over the past several years filibuster's that have happened. when he
in boca raton. a live picture now inside of the theater. a caller from los angeles. good evening. caller: bible like to touch bases on the foreign-policy issue. -- i would like to touch base this on the foreign-policy issue. mitt romney make a statement about having backbone than later he states that he wants to work with china. he wants to deal with pakistan. when china wants to undermine our economy by selling cheap [unintelligible] and pakistan is gearing up for work. i think we need a president who is straight forward on things. not turn the hand of the dice. host: thank you. we are getting your reaction to the debate tonight. daniel says -- at the bottom of the hour, we will replay the debate. we will have a chance to you to weigh in on a live in the work chat. from 11:30 p.m. until 1:00 a.m. eastern. caller: good evening. i am a couple months short but at the fed in my mind, i support mitt romney -- but as it stand in my mind, i support mitt romney. when i get out of college four years or eight years from now. i've wanted be able to find a job. i -- it does not seem
time. >> back to los angeles. he carol, a democratic caller. >> good evening. glad to be on the line. i am a democrat, however, i have been unhappy with obama in the last four years, especially the last year or so with his, the way his ideas towards israel who is been a big ally to the united states. then when the situation in benghazi occurred, i felt so bad when the men passed away there. it was utter terror. i felt the white house was not telling the american people the truth from the beginning. and the way they handled it, i am disgusted. i think there comes a time when you have to vote for the right person who you think is going to be able to do the job. i am going to vote for mitt romney. host: on twitter, a comment -- we will see you again the whole debate coming up around 2:00 a.m. eastern time. about 11:00 on the west coast. here's a comment on the facebook page -- next to the augusta, georgia. nathan, a republican. what did you think of the debate? caller: i am voting for mitt romney however, i have some critiques but how he phrased things in the debate. i think he needs to ma
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3

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